Succession Planning

Despite knowing for years that their senior executives will be soon retiring, many organizations have not begun to address how they will fill the leadership holes left by such key departures.  Many organizations do not realize the significant strategic risks an organization takes in poorly handled management succession. Weekly we hear of accounts of the departure of CEOs and/or key executives from organizations after short tenures.

Emersus will assist you in designing and implementing a Succession Program that fits the particular needs of your organization. We will work with you to:

Evaluate your current organizational strategy to determine if it is still relevant given your business environment.

Identify the goals and objectives of your Succession Program.

  • Which leadership positions require formal development and succession processes?
  • How will systemic problems identified in the course of the succession process be addressed?
  • Who should be the organizational “owners” of the Succession Program?
  • When should your organization begin to identify high performers at all levels?
  • What kind of organizational commitment will be required to create a long-term Succession Program?

Establish an internal Succession Team that will drive the entire succession process from design to hiring for key positions.

Design, in conjunction with the Succession Team, a program that is aligned with the strategic direction(s) of your organization.  The Succession Program will generally contain the following components:

  • Competency model to identify current high performing employees.
  • Performance management systems to measure individual performance and to identify current high potential employees.
  • Competency models based on the future leadership needs of the organization identified in the organizational strategy.
  • Selection tools to evaluate current skill and knowledge levels, behavioral traits and interests of potential candidates.
  • Development planning and coaching processes to aid individuals in addressing skill, knowledge and competency gaps.
  • Measurement methods to refine the Succession Program.

Facilitate the implementation of all aspects of the Succession Program.  This may include the coaching and training of internal resources that may be the eventual managers of the program.

Selection and Promotion Assessment

Executive Coaching and Development

Executive Team Building

Executive Behavioral Health